TC Boyle - Luck

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TC Boyle - Luck

This time, famous painter NO, WAIT: famous AUTHOR T.C. Boyle talks about "luck". Or does he think out loud? Actually he asks and answers at the same time or talks to himself or I don´t know. We´ve been there, but somehow got confused by who is who in that conversation. Did you know that besides being a great painter OH NO: a great AUTHOR he also has huge talent in writing STOP: in painting? No? Neither did he before. We knew, but didn´t dare to ask... Or vice versa? But in the end we found out what Mr Boyle would do, if he could travel in time, why his leafes are more lucky than his neighbour´s and that the truth lies in fate. What more could you ask for? Well, a signed book NO: a signed PAINTING probably.....

March 16th, 2009
Art´otel, Berlin

With very special thanks to Carl Hanser Verlag and the art´otel, Berlin

Interview and Visual Concept: Sven Haeusler
Camera: Sven Müller
Editor: Patrick Protz

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